(Member of Kelbix Creations (Pty) Ltd, a registered corporation in South Africa with Reg. Nr.: 2014/115172/07)

We provide a reliable, efficient and secure means to purchase quality petroleum and agro products at the lowest possible prices. Our platform hosts an array of certified suppliers in order to provide consumers with the best possible tailored service at the best price.

Elarolah has been a global supplier of major Agro-products such as fertilizers and farm seeds.

As Elarolah evolves and transitions to the next generation, the company remains focused on providing superior customer service. We continue to look for opportunities to bring value to our customers and to advance and assist them in their operations. We remain committed to our customers and to the family farm.

Our strategy is to be a major part of the world’s energy solution by developing our core asset areas of oil, gas, and electrical power as a strategically balanced and complementary portfolio of opportunities. This diversity enables us to meet demand and deliver value through changing commodity cycles and unpredictable national and world events.

Global demand for hydrocarbons is expected to continue to grow as developing countries in Africa, South America and Asia transform their economies, yet the era of low-tech, easy access to conventional oil is drawing to a close. This means we must continuously improve how we produce, daring to look where others have failed to look and taking risks that have never before been taken — using existing energy resources, including those that Elarolah is pursuing, in new ways.

This will require passion for the continent as a whole, exceptional financial capabilities, technical expertise, and the capacity to meet high social and environmental expectations

The core principles of Elarolah’s business strategy are:

  • To responsibly develop a diverse and complementary portfolio of energy assets.
  • To explore and develop some of the most significant high-risk acreages in the African oil and gas basins.
  • To move expeditiously toward developing new energy projects.
  • To employee forward thinking highly skilled employees that can continue making and exploiting technological advancements

In the matter of upstream energy extraction, we are focused on developing high-risk, high-potential oil and gas basins using innovative high-tech methods. We see huge potential in the upstream sector, with oil and gas reserves just waiting to be discovered by innovative companies such as ours.

In the matter of downstream production and supply, we are increasing refining capabilities infrastructure to transform raw materials into usable energy for end-users. We will exploit robust West African and international export opportunities. We are also strengthening our trucking fleet to distribute our products and are planning to build a retail network of gas stations.

In the matter of responsibility, our strategy is to be a good environmental steward and contribute to African quality of life.

In the matter of market demand, all our strategies culminate in one purpose of  meeting massive growing demand!

Elarolah encourages a culture of excellence. We value and reward the contribution of high-performing individuals and teams in achieving the company’s objectives. We invest in training and leadership development to help our employees reach their full potential. We are an iconic African organization that aims to build pride amongst its employees; a company that intends to make them proud to be part of an organization that’s making history.

Our Commitments:

  • We dedicate ourselves to delivering top performance throughout the pan-African oil and gas supply chain and also the agro distribution channel link, for all of our partners, employees and investors.
  • For stakeholders, we work towards long-term growth and sustainable expansion, both in terms of company revenues, and in market share and penetration.
  • For employees, we work to a high level of safety, support professional development and aim to employ the best individuals in any given role.
  • To employee forward thinking highly skilled employees that can continue making and exploiting technological advancements
  • For business partners, we aim to capitalize on markets that deliver mutual benefits, and focus on the areas with the highest potential for growth across the whole of Africa.
  • For communities, we work with environmental and social concerns at the forefront of our minds, to ensure our company has a positive impact on people and their surroundings.

The Elarolah team includes top experts in their fields. Combining technical skills with strict safety policies is a top priority for the company.

Elarolah is a great place to work. Our employees appreciate the challenge, the commitment to growth and the ability to apply their skills and knowledge. What’s more, we invest in training, mentoring and leadership development to help our employees reach their full potential within a safe, respectful, inclusive and collaborative workplace. We provide the corporate environment that enables great people to do their best.

As a good corporate citizen, we are concerned for and support the communities in which we do business. We behave ethically, safely and responsibly toward communities and in our dealings with governmental bodies. Elarolah is not just about creating jobs for local people, through activities such as local charitable giving, social investment projects, scholarships, and employee volunteering, Elarolah is a partner in prosperity.

The Elarolah brand is synonymous with quality in energy and agro products and services, reliability of supply, and responsibility to employees, community and environment

Elarolah’s reputation has been built on the reliable supply of energy in the global communities— creating a strong brand platform. Becoming an energy powerhouse that is widely known across the continent will be propelled by our drive, determination — and brand strength.

A brand has meaning to customers, partners and employees based on experience and interaction with the brand. The Elarolah experience is one of quality in products and organization; customer service excellence; achievement, that is, doing what we say we will do; forward thinking attitude; and true regard and appreciation for the environment and society.

We live and grow by our core values of innovation, responsibility, integrity, safety, people and teamwork, by which we create and build lasting value for our clients, employees, partners, and energy consumers worldwide.

We are committed to excellence in everything we do. The values expressed here are integral to who we are as a company.